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“The ability to share someone else’s feelings or experiences by imagining what it would be like to be in that person’s situation” — Cambridge Dictionary

“Empathy is the ability to recognize, understand, and share the thoughts and feelings of another person, animal, or fictional character. Developing empathy is crucial for establishing relationships and behaving compassionately.” — Psychology Today

In an article written by Jennifer Lea Reynolds in Psychology Today, we find the distinction between “having empathy” and “being an empath.” The former is defined as “being in tune to other people’s feelings and life circumstances”; the latter as “An empathetic person may be moved by a situation in a sort of heart-tugging, emotional manner that ultimately gives rise to kind, caring, and understanding words and actions.” …

“Chop your own wood and it will warm you twice.” — Henry Ford

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Because a narcissistic character is not what you want to have in your organization, paying extra attention to the selection and hiring processes is of utmost importance. This is why I always believe that it is the founders and co-founders that should select the right candidate for their companies, when it comes to sensitive positions — ones that require leadership and can affect their business development and progress.


That delicate and highly important role should definitely be performed by a true leader — one who is endowed with pure leadership. What it takes to find that great candidate who fits in such a position is a true leader involved in the hiring process, indeed. …

Have you ever heard of boring startups?

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Eric Ries’s The Lean Startup has become the jewel in the crown of many entreprises.

Countless startups swear by this methodology. Creative and passionate entrepreneurs who like to think out of the box do not quite like application of the very approach though. It is time that entrepreneurs question the usefulness of the methodology and give it a critical scrutiny.

The Lean Startup is rooted in the conception that startups should opt for a flexible approach in the phase of product development. It is an approach that rests upon the acceleration of the product creation and delivery process.

“Startup success can be engineered by following the process, which means it can be learned, which means it can be taught.” — Eric…

Leaders should think twice before opting for the anonymous employee feedback system.

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While many companies are working hard to increase their employee retention rate; that is to say, implementing new strategies and techniques to motivate their employees to stay in their jobs, others are busy increasing the workload and scaling their businesses.

Employees quit their jobs for many reasons. Some say: “employees leave bad bosses, not bad jobs.” That is, employees, most of the time, leave managers and the managing system altogether, not the job — the tasks they are doing. They may continue doing the same type of job elsewhere though.

According to, “An organization’s employee retention rate refers to its ability to retain employees over a period of time. Internally, it also refers to the organization’s efforts to engage and retain its team members.” …

Scared to stay yet scared to quit

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Having a job is great. Being able to pay the bills and give yourself and your loved ones treats is amazing when you can afford it through your salary.

When you get hired, many doors seem to open. After all, it all depends on money. How can one afford to rent a place without having a stable job, or even pay for the most basic needs?

Well, I think we all agree that a job is important. Not only for the financial security it offers, but also for the purpose and meaning it gives us. But, let’s be honest, sometimes meaning and purpose become secondary when it comes to situations where you have to provide for your family and support yourself. …

Excel can become so slow and frustrating when it comes to large dataset management and manipulation.

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You might have always been faithful to Excel and its formulas, for the visual comfort and ease it offers, especially when it comes to data representation in charts and graphs and for the sake of the preparation of your reports.

However, the use of Excel has its limitations that cannot be grasped sometimes unless we compare it to another way of handling data. …

Data has a better idea, indeed.

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Definition of Business Intelligence

It is a set of technologies, methodologies, processes, applications, platforms and architectures that draw on raw data to derive meaningful insights and useful information that could serve the business actions and purposes. Business intelligence is based on facts that are used to inform business decisions; hence, improve the tactical and opertaional decision-making. It has to do with the use of information resources. It allows businesses to act effectively through the right strategies obtained from the right information.

How can Business Intelligence (BI) help take your entreprise to the next level?

Business Intelligence has gone global. Small and big businesses in all industries can benefit from Business Intelligence today. …

Learning a new language can be painful and pleasurable. Whether you are trying to learn a new language for work, travel, relationship, or for fun, this article is for you. Making your language learning process effective and flexible is what you will be learning through this article.

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Thanks to the technological advances of the modern era, one is no longer limited to the traditional teacher-classroom context where language is taught according to a single methodology. Today, we have the freedom to learn a new language online or offline thanks to technology. The need for a teacher might not be necessary for us to learn a new language, today. We even have a wide variety of choice when it comes to the modality of learning the new language. One could select the platform or the application for language learning as well as schedule their learning sessions accordingly.

Language learning theories never cease to advance, yet the language learning process is still “difficult” and confusing to many learners. Some would even go for the belief: “I’m not a languages person”. …

Interaction between employees and their employers is not a simplistic process. Possessing solid communication skills is one of the qualities that could enhance the boss-employee rapport. Oh, wait, who is the horse here?

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The relationship between employer and employee is a socially asymmetrical one. The employer is the one who could have the last word, control conversations, and make decisions even though nothing might make sense to the employees. And, as P. G. Wodehouse put it:

“Employers are like horses — they require management.”

Being an employer might wrongly reflect that one should not pay attention to what they say and how they communicate it, since they might think that they will always be granted the pass from employees in the shape of head nodding and agreement.

Agreement and confirmation seeking are common social actions in the employer-employee rapport. In that, if the boss does not agree with or confirm a particular idea or request, things might not go as desired by the employees, which can be seen as normal. As an employee, one could suggest their ideas and listen to the other members’ ideas, feedback and comments. …

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Writing is a mirror that reflects the writer’s thoughts, emotions, orientations, origins, and even intentions. Writing is meaningful. Rarely does one stop and inquire, while in the process of writing: “How much information am I conveying to the world about myself in what I am writing right now?”

Regardless of the genre one is writing about, every single written word can give information about its writer, otherwise fields like text analysis and sentiment analysis would not exist ;)

To put it simply, writing pieces that are destined to be shared publicly with the world are considered data. …


Naouress Akrouti

Linguist and Blog Writer | Multilingual Data Analyst | Masters in Theoretical & Applied Linguistics

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