Are Foreigners Allowed to Purchase a Property in Tunisia?

The Tunisian sun-sand-sea pleasure and fresh seafood mesmerize tourists and make many foreign investors want to buy a real estate in Tunisia.

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Discover Tunisia

As part of the Maghreb region, The Republic of Tunisia is a North-African country that is bordered by the Mediterranean Sea, Algeria, and Lybia. Tunisia’s population is 12 million.

What makes Tunisia’s beauty unique is its magical combination of three elements: the Atlas Mountains, the Sahara desert, and the Mediterranean Sea.

Scented with its jasmine and kissed by the sunshine, Tunisia’s blue and white colors and its sand-fringed Mediterranean coast have become a sought-after destination for a great number of tourists from all over the world.

The Tunisian culture

Tunisia is the land of high-quality fresh fruits, vegetables, fish, and meat. Tourists come back to Tunisia because they do enjoy all the affordable delicacies and exquisite food. The Mediterranean flavors in Tunisia are so fascinating.

Tunisia is famous for its excellent extra virgin olive oil. Thus, when you eat Tunisian food, you should expect that the oil used for cooking is almost always extra virgin olive oil. Whether you are in the urban areas or in the countryside, delicious and healthy food is always a delicacy to enjoy. All food in Tunisia is Halal, as it is a Muslim country.

Photo by Taha Loukil on Unsplash

Apart from food, Tunisia never ceases to fascinate its visitors with its marvelous cultural attractions and museums. The magic of the archaeological site of Carthage is breathtaking, and the Amphitheatre of El Jem is magnificent. Visitors fall in love with the Medina of Sfax, Sousse, and Yasmine Hammamet.



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